I believe in fully funding public schools.  As a product of the Milwaukee Public Schools, I received a world-class education and I believe that all students in Wisconsin can and should receive the same.  By fully funding public education Wisconsin students and teachers will have the resources necessary to compete with the rest of the nation.  If elected, I plan to:

  • Create legislation that supports and fully funds our public schools.
  • Maintain professional teaching standards within Wisconsin. This includes introducing legislation to offer 100% reciprocity, whereby teachers licensed in other states can become licensed in Wisconsin without additional testing requirements or coursework.
  • Working to simplify the complex Wisconsin school funding formula so there is true equity in the way our schools are funded.
  • Working to create technological platforms to link rural schools to more access to IB & AP course platforms.
  • Strengthen dual enrollment opportunities to increase the number of Wisconsinites who are engaging in post-secondary education.


Economic Development:

District 12 is a unique place. While we have maintained steady homeownership rates, many that live in our community have had to deal with decreased access to goods and services.  Major retail chains and large big-box stores have left our district and we are left with large, empty spaces that when left vacant for too long can breed deleterious activity, as well as fuel blight.

It is my goal to advocate for more economic development in our district.  I believe it to be unfair as well as fiscally inattentive that the hardworking people of the 12th are often forced to leave the district for employment, shopping, and entertainment.   I would like to advocate for more collaboration with city leaders for more industrious uses of the spaces available in our district to serve the entire state of Wisconsin.  If elected, I plan to:

  • Work collaboratively with local leadership to explore opportunities for development in our district that include quality of life amenities (shopping and entertainment).
  • Introduce legislation that supports telework for state employees. This would not only cut costs but bring more jobs to the people who need them, while simultaneously reducing employee commute times.


Criminal Justice Reform:

Wisconsin has the highest rate of incarceration in the United States (NPR, 2013).  Many people who are incarcerated are imprisoned having not committed new crimes, but for probation and parole violations.  If elected, I wish to:

  • Introduce legislation that increases the number of early release programs.
  • Create legislation that increases the capacity of treatment and education programs to eliminate wait lists.
  • Reduce recidivism by creating a system of rehabilitation that includes job training and sets people up for success after they have served their time.
  • Increase the number and variety of apprenticeship opportunities available to incarcerated persons.
  • Work with the Department of Corrections to review and revise their policies on workforce development, diversity and inclusion, and career soft skills for inmates eligible for work release.
  • Establish uniform crimeless revocation standards so people are not imprisoned without new convictions.